COSMOS BLACK & WHITE enameled knobs



Black and white furniture knobs, 4 cm in diameter, with a front decorated with original artwork on enamel.

Each handle is adorned on the front side with a unique graphic design by Touanda (Aneta Mlaś), whose complex graphics explore the world of emotions. Same as with Touanda’s other work, the pieces created for DOT manufacture are brimming with significant details. As a whole, COSMOS depicts an amazing multi-faceted world of black and white and its monochrome inhabitants. Collection includes six different motifs.

The base for these handles is made of oak wood, and varnished in one of two colors: black or white. They will complement white-and-black interiors or add an interesting accent to a more classic ones.


Technical data

  • Knob height: 2.3 cm + enamel
  • Knob front diameter: 4 cm
  • M4 screw is attached to the knob
  • Materials: varnished oak, enameled metal


If the front thickness exceeds 18 mm, please state the front thickness while placing the order in the “Comments” field.


Our products are handmade, with great care for the quality of construction and finishing. It may happen that individual handles, knobs and hangers will have dimensions slightly different than those given above (differences below 1 mm). We love natural materials and the work of hands, their unpredictability and unique character, but we always make sure that the handles you order form a coherent whole – both in terms of dimensions and aesthetics.

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