White furniture with cute spotted knobs

White furniture with cute spotted knobs

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Designing for kids is one of the most pleasant activities I know 🙂

A mom ordered knobs for her little girl?s room. For the commode and baby bed?s drawers. She described the look of the furnishing and the rest of the room?s equipment? We proposed to decorate the knobs with the same motive that decorates one of the walls – tiny dots.

After choosing the colors we prepared metal fronts and enamel. First we are firing the white background …

Then we assemble background on white wooden bases and … see for yourself how they look on the commode and the baby bed drawers.

We’re so glad! The baby girl?s parents has invited us for a photo shoot, so now we can show you the end result ????

And, what’s more, look how nicely the baby girl?s mom decorated the tube from the water system – also in dots! <3

And does the dots and polka dots look good only in the children?s room? I don?t think so! Mint green kitchen with gray polka dots – mmm … I think summer is coming, if such fresh colours come to my mind ????

Various sizes of dots and various shades … there is a lot to choose in