Industrial handles can be colourful too!

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Our adventure with designing and production of knobs begun just from industrial knobs. It?s a long story and probably a good theme for a separate text, but..

But let?s go down to the business 😉

Since we?ve created our first collection of industrial knobs a one and a half of a year passed. It?s a long time. I don?t know how much water in the river flew by that time (polish proverb), but I do know what have changed in our Manufacture as well as in my life. Also my point of view to the industrial interiors have changed. I felt like I need to smuggle a little touch of colour to them. To add the colour stain into the monochromatic spaces as a pinch of pepper to the dry porridge? 😀

AND YET the starting point were grey, industrial knobs.

To collection was firmly grounded in reality 🙂 we did the background survey. It implied that the majority of respondents (even the brave ones) while selecting home additions they come up to the pastel colors shyly. This and other conclusions we?ve put through. And here it is. The base set of colors for the new collection of industrial handles:


Here on

A background for this elegant (?) kit is the other set of colors: red, purple, blue, teal / turquoise, black.

Colourful industrial knobs for the braves

These handles doesn?t have to be just handles ? they have larger functionality thank you think! How about using them on the wall ? as hangers for clothes, umbrellas and bags. They had their first, spontaneous photo shoot on August?s rain? 🙂 Take a look!