PATTERN I – semicircular enameled furniture handles

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A large, semi-circular furniture handle on two shanks. The oxidized copper visible on the oak base is decorated with a regular enamel pattern.

We make furniture handles from the PATTERN series using our beloved technique – enamel. Thanks to the combination of shiny enamel and matte copper, the handles can match many furniture fronts: both varnished and wooden. Unprotected against further oxidation, copper will delight fans of industrial and loft interiors, and the colorful enamel will match the character of any colorful interior.

The shape of the TONE furniture handles, their size and design make them look great when paired on  doors of cabinets. However, they will also work great individually, when mounted, for example, on drawers. The enamel pattern on the front, clear and eye-catching, looks great horizontally and vertically.

PATTERN enamel handles fit well in the interior with other enamel handles and with oak handles.

In this collection of furniture handles you will also find round PATTERN I handles in various diameters.

PATTERN handles are made by hand. The pattern visible on the front is always the same, but its layout may differ from one copy to another.

Technical data

  • Height: 3 cm + enamel
  • Front: 10 cm * 5 cm
  • Screw spacing: 40 mm
  • 25 mm M4 screws are attached to the handle
  • Materials: oak, enameled metal


If the front thickness exceeds 18 mm, please state the front thickness while placing the order in the “Comments” field.


Our products are handmade, with great care for the quality of construction and finishing. It may happen that individual handles, knobs and hangers will have dimensions slightly different than those given above (differences below 1 mm). We love natural materials and the work of hands, their unpredictability and unique character, but we always make sure that the handles you order form a coherent whole – both in terms of dimensions and aesthetics.

Which oil to choose?

Colorless hard oil (semi-matte) – a natural hard wax oil. It does not contain solvents. A wooden surface impregnated with this oil is even more resistant to water and abrasions and stays bright for longer (less yellowing) compared to the soft, colorless, semi-matte oil.

Colorless hard oil (gloss) for kitchen and bathroom – a mixture of natural resins and vegetable oils, which provides a strong protection against dirt and moisture. It is recommended for handles intended for high humidity interiors. Wood protected with this oil is slightly darker than when impregnated with the semi-matt hard oil from our offer.

Cleaning and care

Wood impregnated with hard colorless oil (and the oil we recommend for bathrooms and kitchens) can be cleaned with a well pressed soft cloth soaked in a mild solution of gray soap, in the direction of the wood grain. Do not use synthetic detergents and other strong cleaning agents.
Oiled wood must not come into contact with alcohol – it could discolor permanently.

If the coating requires renovation, the sanded, dust-free handle should be re-oiled with two layers of oil.

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