We attach a double ended metal screw and an expansion plug to each hanger. The screw has an M5 thread at one end (for screwing into the hanger’s insert nut) and, at the other end, a thread for the expansion plug. The attached expansion plug is a universal TRIKA plug that can be used in a variety of materials (concrete, solid masonry, checkered and hollow brick masonry, plasterboard walls).

Hangers mounting instruction :

  1. Screw the metal screw into the hanger.
  2. Drill a hole in the wall – recommended drill diameter is 8mm (the hole should be about a dozen millimeters deeper than the screw length outside the hanger).
  3. Place the wall plug in the wall.
  4. Screw the hanger into the wall plug.

Note: if the hanger will be mounted, for example, on the side of the wardrobe, please obtain M5 screws in the hardware shop: L = thickness of the board / wood + about 1 cm.

Information on the TRIKA universal wall plug

Length of the plug: 51 mm
Plug diameter: 8 mm
Drill diameter: 8 mm
Anchoring depth: 51 mm
Minimum drilling depth into the wall: 70 mm

Carrying capacity:

  • Concrete: 100 kg
  • Brick: 80 kg
  • Checker brick: 30 kg
  • Hollow brick: 25 kg
  • Aerated concrete: 15 kg

Diagram from the manufacturer’s website: