When we design our knobs we think of them as small pieces of applied art. The objects we create combine beauty with utility. In the creative process (and later in production) we draw from our knowledge, our skills, our craftsmanship and experience.

We are goldsmiths and we want to showcase every one of our knobs and handles as a type of jewellery. Furniture jewellery. Jewellery that has to match its surroundings, but at the same time must correspond with the aesthetic needs of our clients. That is why among our designs there are simple, minimalistic forms as well as more ornamental ones.

DOT Manufacture is a 100% polish brand. We offer to our clients an alternative to knobs and handles commonly available on the market.

We are strictly against mass production. We want our products to be exceptional, beautiful, optimized. We pay attention to detail. The precision and concentration with which we work, the result of our goldsmith training, influences the development of our technological process, over which we have full control.

In DOT Manufacture we work in a team of qualified craftspeople and artists. It is thanks to them that we can offer our clients professionally manufactured furniture handles made of various materials and in many different techniques. We want this variety to help people find the best handles for their furniture.

We know that sometimes the interior, furniture, or their owners need something more, something particular that can’t be easily found: they need special, custom made knobs or handles. These situations make us work outside of our comfort zone, help us grow, and we welcome them with all our hearts!