Furniture knobs and handles - recommended

Knobs, handles and hooks - our portfolio

We invite you to view photos of the interiors in which knobs, handles or hangers from DOT Manufacture were used. Some of them come from sessions carried out by us and we would like to thank our clients for the opportunity to document these interiors!

Other photos we’ve received from our clients – each one is a joy, and we are greatful!

Among those photographs you will find ideas for using different knobs and handles in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, halls. You will find different designs suiting various styles, and all the techniques in which we work: enamel, wood, glass, repoussé or stamping.

For children’s rooms, we usually are asked to make enamel knobs – they can be colorful and playful, but if you like toned and soothing interiors, the many enamel colors we offer allow to choose white, grey or pastel hues.

The enameled ALPHABET knobs can give children opportunities to get to know the letters in a fun way, and the FACES collection is perfect for bringing some fun into the room and bring closer the world of different emotions.

Glass handles and knobs are equally colorful and bright, and are often chosen for kitchens and bathrooms. The wide range of colors gives you freedom and the possibility to choose the one just right for your home. They are easy to clean and resistant to water, too.

For those of you who prefer natural materials and forms, we can offer the photos of our oak knobs and handles. Round (BASIC and SIMPLE lines) or irregular in shape (e.g. PEBBLE, STONE, DIAMOND), they will find their place in rustic interiors as well as in the more contemporary ones.

The portfolio we here present to you is proof that small details matter, and small additions such as knobs and handles can have a strong impact on the whole of the interior. But they can be useful not only in fitting up a new home, but also in refreshing an old one. We love reusing things, and an old-fashioned or second-hand piece of furniture can be given new life and energy with ust a few touches of paint and a set of new handles.

See our portfolio!

DOT Manufacture hooks

Our hooks can offer a lot when it comes to interior arrangement or decoration. As every knob from our Manufacture can also be used as a hanger, the number of combinations is almost endless. Let’s take a brief look at hooks and the possibilities they offer.

DOT Manufacture hangers are designed not only for appearance, but also for practicality and efficiency. We tested the prototypes in our studios and apartments until we reached the optimal height and width of the shank. Thanks to this, we can be sure that the clothes will not slide off onto the floor due to lack of space, and that each hanger can be used for many different purposes – as a hanger for coats, clothes, bags, backpacks or a dog leash.

They also have different diameters. SIMPLE hangers are 3 and 4 cm in diameter, BASIC hangers – from 3 to 10 cm. For hanging clothes or coats by their loops, we always recommend hangers with a diameter of 3 cm, and medium or larger diameters are best for hanging bags and for those of you who like to hang your clothes by the collar or hood.

This number of diameters also allows to look at the hooks as a decorative element – you can mix small and larger diameters with each other, to create an irregular or geometric pattern on the wall. You can arrange them evenly in rows or make a constellation out of them – the only limit is your imagination.

If you need smaller hangers – our knobs with a diameter of 3 cm will work great for children’s jackets. And for the kitchen, the smallest of our knobs – BASIC or SIMPLE 2 cm – can be used as cloth hangers. They can also be combined with other hangers on the wall.

All these hangers are now joined by a novelty in Manufaktura DOT – the HORIZON line of long hangers. It is an alternative for those who like more traditional hangers and do not want to screw them directly into the wall. This hanger consists of an oblong board made of oak, on which there are 3, 4 or 5 oak hooks (depending on the selected length). It is easy to install (two screws and a universal expansion plug, which we attach to the set, are enough), and extremely effective and elegant.

We offer HORIZON hangers in a monochromatic oak version or with a decorative brass or copper finish, and for lovers of colors – with an enamel finish. Again, the possibilities are endless, because in addition to the color sets that we offer on the website, our clients can compose their own, and we are happy to carry out individual orders!

Furniture knobs tailored to your needs

We started our adventure with design on the basis of jewelery. After a few years, our personal needs turned our attention to interior design. Hundreds of prototypes for furniture knobs and handles allowed us to define the niche in which we want to move. We were interested in the form of the furniture knob itself, which gives us great opportunities to let us express ourselves with design and cooperate with people.

We test our projects in everyday life and introduce to our offer only those that meet our expectations. We test the handles in our own and friends’ homes and we know that different people have different needs – the opinions of users have been and are very valuable to us. And the signals we receive concern not only the quality of the finished product. When contacting us, people emphasize the importance of the method of producing the handles, packing the package for shipping, or the type of contact you have with our Manufacture.

Knobs and handles DOT Manufacture – a Polish fair trade product

We are very happy that our furniture knobs are made in Poland, working in a harmonious group of passionate people. We are looking for and testing many materials needed for production and when we find, for example, the perfect Polish equivalent of a popular foreign glue or oil, we are really happy. We look for people who have needs and views similar to ours, which allows us all to work in comfort.

Handles, knobs, hooks – how we prepare them for shipment

We are aware that what we give you is not only furniture knobs. Our product is also its packaging. For several years we have tested various packaging for our purposes. At the beginning, we sent furniture knobs to you in recycled cardboard boxes, but with the increase in production and orders, it became impossible.

We were looking for a different solution. There was a time when, for fear of damage during transport, we packed cartons in plastic courier bags. However, with each shipment of packages packed in such a way, we hoped that it would be the last time, that we would find a packing method that would be durable and as natural and aesthetic at the same time. Today, we pack furniture handles and hangers in paper bags and we use recycled paper shavings as a filler. We seal the gray cardboard boxes with paper tape with vegetable glue.

And what’s next? That’s it. This tape is strong and durable. Our product has never been damaged in transport to the customer yet. But we are always on the lookout for more sustainable way of working and creating.

Thank you for all your feedback and suggestions!